As part of its ‘Clinical Site’ series,

The SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis presents

Friday May 22nd 2020

18:30 – 21:30

October Gallery 24 Old Gloucester St, Holborn, London WC1N 3AL


Suffering, Subjectivity and Compulsory Enjoyment: Need, Love and Desire


‘Introducing Lacanian Ideas for the Clinic’ – A seminar by Philip Hill

Is suffering necessary? Is enjoyment compulsory?

How are torture and orgasm useful in a psychoanalytic understanding of the symptom?

What is the pleasure principle? What has it got to do with enjoyment and the symptom?

What is the subject, the object and his symptom, and how does theorising them help with clinical work?

How are the difference between demand or love and desire vital to clinic work?

What are the differences between ‘love’, ‘transference’ and ‘demand’?

How can a clinician distinguish his own transference arising from his private life outside the clinic from counter transference that is supposed to arise from the client’s transference?

What does the clinician’s desire have to do with his ‘ethics’?

What is the ‘good of the other’ and the place of evil in the clinic?

This workshop will assume no knowledge.

About Philip Hill 

Philip Hill is a psychoanalyst in private practice, a member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, and the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. He has worked in the National Health Service and for charities and schools. He has written Lacan for Beginners for Writers and Readers Inc, and Using Lacanian Clinical Technique, An Introduction, and is currently writing two books: Structure in the Clinic and the Theory of Immunology and Psychoanalysis: Freud’s and Lacan’s contribution to Psychoneuroimmunology, and Psychoanalysis as a History of Science and Ideas: Feminine Sexuality as essentially indeterminate.

Tickets for this event cost £15; £12 for Site members and £10 for Site trainees and are available here