The Clinic for Contemporary Psychoanalysis brings together a network of psychoanalytically-oriented therapists offering psychotherapy for a wide range of issues, from depression and anxiety to relationship and work problems.

Its objective is to reflect and apply the ethical and intellectual stance of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, and is born out of a wish to create a clinical outlet for the Site’s project.

Our therapists aim to make psychoanalytic treatment as inclusive as possible, offering rates which are accessible for a range of incomes, including students and the unemployed. The cost, as well as frequency
and duration are discussed and agreed on with the therapist, depending on the resources and needs of the individual.

Therapists are currently available in London, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, East Sussex and the Midlands. The Clinic also offers a service of therapy in foreign languages including French, Portuguese and German.

For more information and a confidential conversation to help you find a therapist in your area, contact the Clinic administrator Keith Levett on 07765 007295, via the Clinic website, or email

Important Notice

  1. Anyone who holds themselves out as a practitioner in private practice must have appropriate insurance in place as a condition of advertising their services on our website.
  1. Clients should check with any potential therapist as to their qualifications to practice, their professional registrations and their primary regulatory organisation.
  1. Individual practitioners will be able to confirm their confidentiality policy.
  1. In the case of trainees, confidentiality will be preserved, save that the work with the trainee may be the subject of anonymised discussion with the supervisor.
  1. The Site is not a party to any therapeutic services provided by Site members or Site trainees and does not accept any responsibility or liability for those services.
  1. The Site plays a role in responding to complaints – please see here for more information.

This does not affect your statutory rights.