Nic Bayley is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Reading and a member of The Site and the College of Psychoanalysts. He teaches psychodynamic counselling at the University of Oxford.

Daniel Bristow is an alumnus of the universities of Bath, Bath Spa, Kingston, and Manchester. Author of many articles and editor of various publications, his recent books are Joyce and Lacan: Reading, Writing, and Psychoanalysis (Routledge: 2016) and 2001: A Space Odyssey and Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory (Palgrave: 2017). He is commencing a psychotherapeutic training with the Philadelphia Association.

Kari Carstairs is a member of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. She is a registered clinical psychologist and works in private practice in South East London.

Ben Hooson is a trainee psychoanalyst at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research in London and also works as a translator (Russian and French). He completed a BA at Oxford University in Russian and Philosophy, a PhD at London University on Lacan and Freud, and worked for several years in Russia.

Andie Newman is a psychoanalyst and supervisor, working in private practice in Central and North London. She is a member of the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the College of Psychoanalysts.

Yael Pilowsky Bankirer is a psychotherapist in private practice in Cambridge, and currently training with The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis in London. She is a Medical Doctor (MD) and a researcher (PhD) of Gender, Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Some of her recent publications include: “Resuscitate in: In visible ink [in Hebrew], Pardes publishing 2015;  “The Posterity of Hiding: A Psychoanalytic Reading of the Diary of Anne Frank” in: a special issue of Gramma – Journal of Theory and Criticism, Vol 25: The Politics of Location: Feminist and Queer Spaces in Global Context. , 2018; “A Birth without a Mother: The Paradoxical Myth of Patriarchal Origin to Monotheism in Freud” in : motherhood(s) and monotheisms, Quasar publishing (to be published in December 2019).

Rebecca Reynolds is a postgraduate research student at the University of Essex, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies. She is currently completing her PhD, titled Freud After Bataille: On Death, Dissolution and the Oceanic Feeling. Her main research interests are Freudian metapsychology, deconstruction, and the role of death and violence in religious and erotic imaginaries.

Rob Weatherill is a practicing and supervisory analyst in Dublin, a member of three psychoanalytic groups (IFPP, APPI and ICP) and a founder member of APPI. He has a master’s degree in psychotherapy from St. Vincent’s University Hospital as well as the European Certificate in Psychotherapy. He taught psychoanalysis on post-graduate courses in University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology. He currently convenes two supervision groups that meet once fortnightly. He has published five books internationally and edited one other. His latest is The Anti-Oedipus Complex. Lacan, Critical Theory and Postmodernism (Routledge 2017). He has written many papers and articles exploring the interface between psychoanalysis and culture published both in Ireland and abroad. He is on the editorial boards of Lacunae and Sitegeist.