Nic Bayley is a member of the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and serves on Council. He has a practice in Reading and teaches Psychodynamic Studies in Oxford.

Kate Behrens originally worked in the Fine Arts. Her first collection of poems, The Beholder, was published in 2012 by Two Rivers Press. In 2010 she was runner-up in Mslexia’s annual competition. Other poems have been published in Blackbox Manifold (2012), Portfolio—Dartington Hall Artists 1926–1987 and the Reading Arts Anthology 2013. She is currently working on a second collection and reads regularly at Poets’ Café, Reading. Kate has one daughter and lives in Oxfordshire.

Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz is a member of the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. She works in private practice in London and the West Midlands. Since January 2013, she has been leading the Hearing Voices Individual Therapy Project at Islington Mind, with a view to develop access to long-term talk therapy for individuals suffering from psychosis. She is also a translator specialised in psychoanalytic theory and continental philosophy.

Bríd Greally is a member of the Site of Contemporary Psychoanalysis (The Site), the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling ( FPC/WPF) and is registered with United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy. She has over twenty years clinical experience and has held the position of the founding director of the Maya centre, a community based counselling centre for women and has worked as a co-director of the Red Admiral Project, an HIV counselling service. Currently she is a visiting lecturer at WPF, the Site and the British Psychotherapy Foundation and she has recently published a series of articles addressing the implications of the turn to positivism in psychoanlaytic practice. She has a private practice in Walthamstow, London.

Jane Haynes works in full time private practice with her daughter. She has been an independent consultant to the Eastern European Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies in St. Petersburg for fifteen years. Her most recent publication: ‘As if attached by thorns’, The John Bowlby Memorial Conference Monograph 2011, awaiting publication. She is currently finishing her new book, ‘Listening To The Doctor’s Heart: first do no wrong’.

Philip Hill  is a deviant Lacanian psychoanalyst. He has worked clinically for some 22 years. His research interests are immunology and psychoanalysis, psychoanalysis and the history and philosophy of science, mathematics and psychoanalysis, and feminine sexuality.

Val Parks  is a member of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, working in Private Practice and NHS Primary Care.

Alan Pope  is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor working in private practice. He trained at the Philadelphia Association and is now a member of The Site. Until March 2013 he worked part time in the NHS in a Primary Care setting and thus has wide experience of the medical model. He has contributed to Seitgeist, The Journal of Psychodynamic Practice, Therapy Today and Private Practice. He has served on the council and training committee of The Site and for 10 years was chair of the board of trustees at Riverhouse HIV Centre in Hammersmith.

Barry Watt  is a member of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and practices as a psychoanalyst in north and east London. For Southwark Council he works in Peckham with young people leading ‘gang lifestyles’ who are caught up in serious violence. For Islington Mind he works with psychotic patients for the Hearing Voices Project.

Robert Weiss  is a member of the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and practises psychoanalysis in north London. He holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from Brunel University and has published papers on psychoanalysis and literature, ethics and art.