Psychoanalytical Training

The SITE offers a psychoanalytic training in both London and Cornwall which reflects the philosophy of the organisation and is for a minimum of four years. It offers critical readings of psychoanalysis and its links to European philosophy and feminist theory.

It aims at engaging with the historical, political, theoretical and clinical developments of psychoanalysis and seeks to acknowledge the socio-cultural specificity of the individual’s experience.

The Cornwall training is taking applicants.

The London based training is currently full, and we will not be taking applications in 2018. As yet, the timescales for applications in 2019 are unclear, therefore, please do not complete the form if you wish to apply to the London training.  You are welcome to register an interest, leaving an email address so that you can be contacted when we have more definite news to offer. We are also more than happy to discuss informally with you how you can be preparing for an application.

Details of The Site’s training procedures and syllabus: