‘Being Homeless’ by Eric Harper

Theory Introduction The first most well known cases of the homeless are those of Christ and the Buddha. Upon discovering enlightenment, the following words by the Buddha can be read as the advocating of homelessness. I wandered through the rounds of countless births,...

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‘Panamarenko and Psychoanalysis’ by Chris Oakley

A paper given at the Hayward Gallery’s “Flights of Fancy” conference at the Royal Festival Hall on 25th March, 2000. A preface to what I wish to say is a reference to the relation between Art and Psychoanalysis. The traditional view installs Psychoanalysis as one form...

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‘Who is it that can tell me who I am?’ by Jane Haynes

The Journal of a Psychotherapist by Jane Haynes, with a foreword by Hilary Mantel Jane Haynes is interested in the practice of psychotherapy as the expression of a therapeutic dialogue. She works from the precept that not only do people have unspeakable experiences,...

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‘The Stuff of Dreams’ by Kirsty Hall

Many texts about anxiety are based either in the philosophical tradition or within the medical model under the guise of discussions about post-traumatic stress disorder. In the case of fantasy, however, the usual sources of discussion are in literary and cultural...

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