Psychotherapy Workshops

Winter & Spring 2016

The Site is very pleased to offer another series of psychotherapy workshops that will be running in Truro in 2016. The workshops will show how contemporary psychoanalysis can bring a richer understanding to varied social and clinical situations.   They will be delivered by psychotherapists involved with the Site training in clinical psychoanalysis in Truro.

These workshops are open to those who have an interest in the ideas and practices of contemporary psychoanalysis and its place in everyday life.   There will be information available about the Site training and attendance certificates for CPD purposes.

Working with Loss, January 9th with Dr Sally Sales

Psychoanalysis, in most of its traditions, has the capacity to deal with loss as its central concern.  Whether it is the loss of separation, the loss of a fantasised ideal or the loss of the first maternal object, psychoanalytic accounts would agree that all adult loss takes its meaning from these first primary losses. Given the range and enormity of loss in the contemporary world – global warning, terrorism, war – this workshop will explore what contribution psychoanalysis can make to helping us better live with the uncertainties of loss in our lives today

Sally Sales is a analyst and supervisor in private practice and chair of the Site SW training

Working with Men, February 6th with Ilric Shetland

This work shop will be an exploration of masculinity within the context of psychoanalytic work.  We will address the following questions: What  happens for men when they need help and find themselves sitting in your consulting room?  Do men have distinctive modes of being and how are these understood in the therapeutic encounter? What have been the effects of greater gender equality on men seeking therapy today?

Ilric Shetland is a psychoanalyst in private practice and involved in the Site SW training

Working with Therapeutic Boundaries, March 5th with Lyn Meyer & Karen Jackson

The Psychoanalyst Robert Langs advocated that the therapeutic frame is needed to be a stable and reliable container for the therapy, with fixed elements that formed the boundaries for the work, the neutrality of the therapist, the time of the sessions, the place and the fee.  This workshop will be a creative exploration of the therapeutic frame by journeying through the terrain of psychoanalytic theory with reference to the thinking of Jean Laplanche and Gilles Deleuze.  We will invite you to explore the shape of the therapeutic frame within contemporary organisations and their multi-disciplinary teams drawing on clinical material to inform the discussion in the workshop.

Lyn Meyer trained with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and is a member of the Site Council and the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian studies. She has a practice as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a Clinical Supervisor.
Karen Jackson trained with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and practices as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in the West of Cornwall. She has also worked for the past sixteen years as a Counsellor for the University of Falmouth and the University of Exeter in Cornwall

Working with Sexual Material, May 14th with Keith Armitage

Working with our client’s sexual expression and fantasies can be an important part of the therapeutic process, but it is often one that can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing for client and therapist alike. In this workshop we will use theory and clinical example to explore some of the challenges and to develop confidence in exploring sexual material and thinking about contemporary sexualities. Whilst being accessible to counsellors and therapists from humanistic and psychodynamic backgrounds, the workshop will also open up discussion about what distinguishes a psychoanalytic approach.

Keith Armitage trained with The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis in London and now works as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor in private practise and in a third sector agency.

Workshops run from 1.00 – 4.00pm, with a short break at 2.30.

Venue: The second floor training room, the Library, Pydar Street, Truro, Cornwall

Cost and booking

The standard rate is £25 per workshop, with a concessionary rate of £10.

To book please complete the form below.  We have introduced a reduced rate for multiple bookings:

1 session:           £25

2 sessions:         £45

3 sessions:         £65

4 sessions:         £85

For the unwaged:  £10 per session or £30 if all are booked at the same time.


For further enquires

Dr Sally Sales can be contacted on 01726 870169 or