Sitegeist 16 continues the work and conversations engendered by the October 2021 conference hosted by the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Goldsmith’s University on ‘White Privilege, Racism and Psychoanalysis’: psychoanalytically thinking about aspects of race in relation to current events as well as racial aspects of psychoanalysis itself – how race impacts upon the clinical, our theory-making, access to the treatment, and the structures of our institutions and training.

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Call for Writing

Sitegeist was founded with the intention of promoting varied, lively and creative approaches in writing to the questions facing psychoanalysis today. Thresholds of Psychoanalysis: On 30 September 2023, the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis held a 25th-anniversary event inviting participants to re-imagine and re-define the role of contemporary psychoanalysis. Issue 17 of Sitegeist will extend this...

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