November 8, 2020

Response to Chris Oakley review of The Anti-Oedipus Complex, Lacan, Critical Theory and Post-Modernism

The cover of The Anti-Oedipus Complex depicts the labyrinth carved into the wall of the Cathedral of St. Martino in Lucca, Italy. Hermann Kern (Kern 2000) speculates about the precise placement of the Lucca labyrinth, suggesting is a game for the fingers of the faithful as they enter the Cathedral, analogous to the French pavement labyrinths, […]

November 8, 2020

The Irreducible Datum

Without a word – the men Leaving the gardens tidy Never such innocence, Never before or since. 1 ((MCMXIV Philip Larkin.)) * I started off with nothing and still have most of it left. 2 ((This is a title by blues singer, Seasick Steve.)) Call it the Original Sin, or the primal scene of the […]