March 18, 2023

Covid-19 and Its Implications for the Practice of Psychotherapy on Zoom during the Pandemic (extract)

Download this paper An extract from the article published in European Judaism 55:2 (2022) 127. If the origin of the word ‘patient’ was linked in Greek to the word ‘suffer-ing’, we are all patients now, regardless of whether or not we have the virus. After the publication of my latest book in 2018, I developed […]

December 3, 2013

About suffering they were never wrong the old masters

In this paper (( Auden, W.H. (2010). W.H. Auden Selected Poems, Faber and Faber: London)) I focus on what happens when the analyst, or a member/members of their nuclear family, whose private life remaining private is, or has been, a vital pre-requisite of traditional psychoanalysis, or psychodynamic therapy, becomes a traumatic object of public scrutiny and […]