Site members

Since 1997, Site members have offered psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy which reflects the philosophy of the organisation. Site members embody a critical reading of psychoanalysis as a project from the late 19th century to the present day, its links to European philosophy, feminist theory, race theory as well as the historical, political, theoretical and clinical developments within contemporary psychoanalysis, which seeks to acknowledge the socio-cultural specificity of the individual’s experience. We offer a UKCP-certified training in the key concepts and history of psychoanalysis (including for example Freud, Lacan, Bion and object-relations) which many of its members themselves took part in. Members and trainees are not required to adopt a single theoretical model in order to practice psychoanalysis but to value a multiplicity of approaches. The Site holds to the importance of thinking critically, and thinking otherwise, about psychoanalysis, and everybody who sees their work as part of the psychoanalytic project is encouraged to apply.  

Important Notice

  1. Anyone who holds themselves out as a practitioner in private practice must have appropriate insurance in place as a condition of advertising their services on our website.
  2. Clients should check with any potential therapist as to their qualifications to practice, their professional registrations and their primary regulatory organisation.
  3. Individual practitioners will be able to confirm their confidentiality policy.
  4. The Site is not a party to any therapeutic services provided by Site members or Site trainees and does not accept any responsibility or liability for those services.
  5. The Site plays a role in responding to complaints – please see here for more information.

This does not affect your statutory rights.