Sitegeist was founded with the intention of promoting varied, lively and creative approaches in writing to the questions facing psychoanalysis today. On 30 September 2023 the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis held a 25th-anniversary event, Thresholds of Psychoanalysis, inviting participants to re-imagine and re-define the role of contemporary psychoanalysis. Issue 17 of Sitegeist will extend this conversation and is seeking journal contributions on new formations of psychoanalysis, its thresholds, margins and borders. This could include, but is not limited to:
  • The relation of psychoanalysis to contemporary discourses in ecology, feminism, race and the arts
  • The practice of psychoanalysis outside the clinic
  • The evolution of psychoanalytic praxis, ethics and institutions
We welcome original articles, reviews and creative works. If you wish to be part of this issue, please share your submission to the Sitegeist Editorial Team at Book reviews policy Encouraging new thinking in psychoanalysis and philosophy is part of our remit, and we see reviewing new books in these fields as a crucial way to do this. Details of books for review should be sent to