21 & 22 June 2024
Birkbeck University of London (Clore building) & Online
Join us for a two-day conference examining the past and rethinking the present and future of psychoanalysis and feminism.
This will be a hybrid event – online attendance via Zoom – and will be recorded.
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Details of speakers and a draft programme are attached.  
A full programme will be available soon.
“Every desire has a relation to madness” (Irigaray).

“Women suffer from drives without any possible representatives or representations”. (Irigaray).

We are not done with Patriarchy. Psychoanalysts with a political consciousness and an attentive, non-patriarchal ear know this better than anyone else. It creeps into our analytic space, the so-called ‘safe space’, we become witnesses to the suffering of life, to oppression and violence, to the colonisation of the psychic life by a neoliberal ‘progressive’ regime that wishes to prolong patriarchy through a phallic over-signification that reproduces a culture of sameness. Gender trouble does not seem to trouble enough, and the phallocentric gender pluralism gets along very well with a neo-liberal discourse. The numerical multiplication of gender options does not seem to take us away from the political economy of sexual dialectics. The binary machine is as present as ever, bigger and stronger, since the array of dichotomies has expanded and has become capable of signifying even the in-between, grey zone. It has also implanted deadly antagonisms within the current landscape of identity politics. Divide and conquer – patriarchy renders itself invisible, internalised, accepted, even celebrated. Successful displacement.

A feminist revolution will not take place in the repetition of language, in the cracks of regulative discourses, but in ‘the liberation of forces’: in the wild thoughts of psychoanalysis!
This conference does not contain itself in the fossilised position of the minority that produces resentment, negative critique and reactive resistance wrapped in claims for recognition. The political imperative is no longer to resist through negation, but to resist through affirmation, creation, playfulness, imagination, where the unconscious is perceived as a generative creative power, rather than reduced solely to the neurotic sick unconscious. Desire is not lack and to desire is not to long for something. Desire is the desire to produce new ways of feeling, of perceiving and conceiving, new ways of relating that are not reduced to phallologocentric articulations of a monosexual culture, but wishes instead to promote an assemblée of dissident feminist subjectivities.

Wild analysis, wild desires. Resistance always lies on the side of the analyst: can we re-invent a ‘minoritarian psychoanalysis of the unconscious’ that centres on the excluded other (to name a few: the feminine, the animal, nature, the racialised other, the sexual dissident, the Indigenous) within a posthuman/post-anthropocentric framework?

The conference for a Feminist psychoanalysis-to-come wishes to give back to psychoanalysis the response-ability as the ability to respond (differently). Psychoanalysis is a deeply political and ethical project since it centres around our ability to listen to, and to intervene over, psycho-social reproductions (of the power and the norm). A failing to inscribe the plural and powerful contributions of feminist praxes into the psychoanalytic vocabulary, means a losing sight of the unconscious itself.

Tickets are on sale NOW on Eventbrite – reduced price tickets are available for Site members and trainees 

CONFERENCE – DRAFT PROGRAMME (subject to change)
Friday 21st June
12.00 – 1.30: Opening Keynote: Lisa Baraitser</b
14.00 – 15.30: Misogyny and Psychoanalysis
Liz Guild
Michaela Chamberlain
Anouchka Grose
Katherine Angel
16.00 – 18.00: Feminism and the Arts
Luisa Pretolani, Chair
Alexandra Kokoli
Anahita Rezvani
Ruth Novaczek
Helena Reckitt
18:00 Drinks with film screening
Saturday 22nd June
10.00 – 11.15 Keynote: Jamieson Webster
11.30 – 13.00: Wild thoughts in psychoanalysis
Angie Voela, Chair
Chrysanthi Nigianni
Patricia MacCormack
Raluca Soreanu
13.00 – 14.30: Lunch
14.30 – 16.00: Freeing Psychoanalysis (hybrid)
Ana Minozzo, Chair
Carolina Besoain
Sara Paiola
Jessica Rodrigues
16.30 – 18.00: Roundtable
Andie Newman, Chair
Katherine Angel
Laura Chernaik
Anouchka Grose
Kati Gray
Haya Oakley
Jamieson Webster
18:00 Drinks

Conference draft programme – WILD THOUGHTS

Conference – WILD THOUGHTS 21 & 22 June 2024

Wild Thoughts poster with links