A video presentation narrated by Lorna McNeur of seven unfolding stories about how Central Park heals New York City. Through the alchemy of art, architecture and active imagination we see how the journey of this island city is symbolic of the journey of individuation and the discovery of Self; the nugget of gold at the sacred heart centre.

Manhattan is an island that has Central Park at its geographical centre. Central Park is a green island in the midst of the urban extreme called New York city.  This presentation reveals the process and discovery of the plan of New York city embodied within the plan of Central Park. As a mirror of the city, the nature of Central Park holds secrets about ways of bringing healing into the urban intensity of New York. It offers a macro and microcosm of possibilities for our Selves, our Cities and our Planet.

Trailer of this video is available now on “The Alchemy of Art & Architecture”

Lorna McNeur is a retired university lecturer in Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK. She enjoys urban analysis, exploring symbolic aspects, metaphors, and parallels of Cities and Gardens. She is chair of the Cambridge Jungian Circle (CJC), a body psychotherapist, artist and architectural educator. She is active in Cambridge local Community Green Space rejuvenation. Hometown was New York City. As Chair of CJC she is committed to diversity in the psychology community and welcomes suggestions of future possible speakers.

This event has been postponed until late 2022

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