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Anastasios Gaitanidis

London and Kent

I am an experienced psychoanalytic psychotherapist and academic who fervently believes in the therapeutic, cultural and political importance of psychoanalysis.

As a clinician, I use the rich symbolic language of different psychoanalytic models to explore the ways in which my patients' representations of past relationships are formed and the effects they have on their present modes of relating. Early relationships with significant others (parents, relatives, siblings, etc.) create relational patterns which tend to be repeated in later life. Therefore, my work focuses on how these early patterns are re-enacted in the present therapeutic encounter and how a mutual exploration and working through could facilitate change.

As an academic, I have been teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate psychotherapy students in various higher and adult education settings for the last 20 years. I am also very active in the field of research. Apart from the publication of articles In peer reviewed journals and the presentation of conference papers and facilitation of workshops, I edited the book 'Narcissism: A Critical Reader' published by Karnac (2007) and 'The Male in Analysis' published by Palgrave (2011). The book I co-edited with Polona Curk ‘The Sublime in Everyday Life’ will be published by Routledge in December 2020. I am also in the process of co-authoring with another SITE member, Dr Christina Moutsou, the book ‘An Exploration of the Relational and Intersubjective Space of the Consulting Room through the Five Senses‘.

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