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Number 1: Spring 2008


Philip Derbyshire, 

Stephen Gee, 

Kirsty Hall and

Peter Wood

The journal will endeavour to enable dialogue and conceptual engagement without falling into a diffuse eclecticism or seeking to establish new orthodoxies; it will seek to explore the aporias and contradictions of contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice while opening up to the potentially fruitful consequences of dissonant intersections between superficially antagonistic models; it will provide a space for thinking about experience–in life or the clinic–in ways that might creatively develop the resources and capacities of psychoanalysis broadly conceived; and its main aim would be to hold open the frontiers between psychoanalysis and philosophy such that a productive regeneration of both might emerge.

Notwithstanding its peer-reviewed credentials the journal will make every effort to be inclusive. Whilst we will publish established authors and practitioners, we will also make every effort to encourage new writers and contributions from clinicians who might not have published already.

Sitegeist will thus:

  • Promote the field and function of the Site.
  • Clarify the Site’s project in the field of psychoanalysis.
  • Provide a space for the development of psychoanalytic theory.
  • Contribute to the debate between psychoanalysis and contemporary thought.
  • Provide a space for the articulation of theory and the clinic


The present issue speaks for itself; it sets the tone of open-minded enquiry in the spaces within and between the fields of psychoanalysis and other discourses, in this instance the discourses engaging with homosexuality. The papers were given at a Site conference held in May 2007 entitled ‘Homosexuality: Why Psychoanalysis?’ Stephen Gee’s closing summary at the conference actually forms an excellent and cogent introduction to the other contributors and for this reason we have placed it first. All the writers are members of the Site.

Sitegeist needs both readers and contributors. From the beginning the editorial collective needs writing of the highest quality. We will put forward themes and ideas but we seek writing of the highest quality from others – wherever it can be found. Over to you.