Introductory Course: South West

Introductory Course: South West 2016 Seminar Programme

May 12th: What is psychoanalysis? (Sally Sales)

This seminar will introduce some of the key foundational concepts that shape psychoanalysis across its various traditions

May 19th: Locating psychoanalysis in the wider psychotherapy field (Lyn Meyer & Karen Jackson)

This seminar will locate psychoanalysis within the broader field of psychotherapy, exploring the ways that psychoanalytic thinking is both different from and similar to other forms of psychotherapy

May 26th: Important figures 1 Klein (Linda Buckingham)

Linda will introduce the thinking and clinical work of Melanie Klein and her school of psychoanalysis

June 2nd: Important figures 2 Winnciott & object relations (Ilric Shetland)

Ilric will introduce the thinking and clinical work of Winnicott and the object relations tradition with which he is strongly associated.

June 9th: Important figures  3 Lacan (Sally Sales)

Sally will introduce the very different tradition of psychoanalysis that Lacan established in the 1950s and 60s in France.

June 16th: What is psychoanalytic supervision? (Linda Buckingham & Ilric Shetland)

This seminar will discuss the role and practice of supervision across different psychoanalytic traditions

June 23rd: What is critique on a psychoanalytic training?  (Sally Sales)

The Site training is known for its critical and comparative ethos. This seminar will discuss how critique informs the teaching and clinical practice

Course Teachers

Dr Sally Sales is chair of training  for the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Cornwall and a psychoanalyst and supervisor in private practice near Fowey. She is also a visiting research fellow at University of West of England, where she is undertaking a 3 year project on adoption, kinship and class. Her most recent publications are Adoption, Family and the paradox of Origins: A Foucauldian History (2012) and ‘Contested attachments: rethinking adoptive kinship in the era of open adoption’ (Child and Family Social Work, March 2013).

Lyn Meyer trained with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and is a member of the Site Council and the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian studies. She has a practice as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a Clinical Supervisor.

Karen Jackson trained with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and practices as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in the West of Cornwall. She has also worked for the past sixteen years as a Counsellor for the University of Falmouth and the University of Exeter in Cornwall

Linda Buckingham is a Tavistock trained child psychotherapist who has been involved in the practice and teaching of psychoanalysis for many years in London. She has recently moved to Cornwall, and is currently undertaking some child psychotherapy work for CAMHS in Penzance and Redruth. She is on the Site SW training committee and actively involved in the teaching programme

Ilric Shetland is on the Site SW training committee and is also a member of the SIte Council. He is in private practice as an analyst and supervisor in SE Cornwall. He worked for many years in the NHS in London as a psychotherapist and based on that experience, he established and now coordinates the Site low cost clinic in Cornwall.