Workshop: Seduction, Pleasure & Permission

As part of its ‘Clinical Site’ series,

The SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis presents

Friday 18 October 2019
18:00 – 21:00 BST
Belsize Community Library, Antrim Grove, London, NW3 4XP

Seduction, Pleasure and Permission

A workshop by Seema Anand

In the world of the Kamasutra physical intimacy of any kind is about pure pleasure. If sex did not bring complete pleasure to both partners it was not worth doing. The sexual organs are referred to as organs of pleasure and there is no shame attached either to the act or to the desire for the act – any more than the tongue would be considered shameful for experiencing the delights of food or the skin for feeling the delights of touch.

It seems that in Ancient India one was taught how to ‘think’ of desire and pleasure – how to slow it down, try a hundred alternatives for each love act. All love – love for a partner or love for god – begins at the physical level. To treat physical love as a thing of beauty was to prolong the experience, refine it, and in doing that you elevated it from the mundane into the sublime. If sexual energy is the highest form of energy then how do you harness that energy. Sex, sexuality and seduction have become such taboo subjects that we have trained ourselves not even to think of them. And in doing so we have voluntarily disabled part of our brains. What happens if you are allowed the full use of your brain, including the part that deals with seduction. And when you enter that part of the brain what happens? How do people react when they come face to face with their own desires

About Seema Anand

Seema is an expert on the ancient erotic literatures and her seminal work on the Kamasutra as a text on women’s issues is ground breaking. She is a London based mythologist and story teller specialising in women’s narratives and a doctor of comparative mythology. Her reinterpretation and reproduction of Indian folk lore and tales is associated with the UNESCO project for Endangered Oral Traditions.

Seema Anand’s stories re-establishes the woman’s identity, re-defines her role in society and her right to her own desires.

Tickets cost £45 (£35 for Site trainees) and are available on Eventbrite. 63386126611