Social, Political, and Philosophical Perspectives on Contemporary Psychoanalysis and its Institutions

How did the past produce psychoanalysis? How do psychoanalytic institutions co-produce the present? How will psychoanalysts help to construct the future? Psychoanalytic theory is often mobilised to analyse political discourse, or to explain the reasons behind historical events, implicitly elevating psychoanalysis to a position outside of politics and history. In this series of three panel discussions, we’re bringing political theorists, sorcerers, philosophers and activists into conversation with practicing analysts, to put the spotlight on the historical and political context of psychoanalysis itself.

Confirmed speakers so far:

18.01.18 – Ecology

Sarah Deco is an individual and group psychoanalytic psychotherapist and art therapist with 30 years experience in the NHS and as a freelance consultant, supervisor and therapist. Her work includes the use of visual and performing arts, storytelling and social dreaming. She also works as a professional storyteller. Sarah is a member of the advisory group for the Climate Psychology Alliance.

Eric Harper is a psychotherapist, social worker and human rights activist currently working in London with homeless persons presenting with both mental health and addiction concerns. Prior to coming back to London he assisted with the founding of the African Sex Worker Health and Human Rights Alliance.

Joseph Dodds, PhD is a psychoanalyst in private practice (Czech Psychoanalytical Society, IPA), Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, senior lecturer in psychoanalysis at the Anglo-American University and a psychology lecturer at the University of New York in Prague. He is author of the book ‘Psychoanalysis and Ecology at the Edge of Chaos: Complexity theory, Deleuze|Guattari and psychoanalysis for a climate in crisis’ (Dodds 2011, Routledge) and is the Environment and Sustainability Editor for the journal Psychoanalysis, Culture. The focus of his current research is the affective, unconscious, aesthetic, and psycho-social dynamics of climate change.


04.02.18 – Resistance

Anthony Faramelli is a Lecturer at both Brighton University and Kingston University. He also works as a mental health support worker. His work focuses on philosophies of resistance, group analysis, postcolonial theory and Institutional Psychotherapy, specifically the work of Fanon and Guattari. His forthcoming book is titled Revolution, Resistance and Fascism: Zapatismo and Assemblage Politics.

Joanna Ryan is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She has worked widely in clinical practice, teaching and supervision; in academic research; and the politics of psychotherapy. She has recently published Class and Psychoanalysis: Landscapes of Inequality in which she explores the tension between the radical and progressive potential of psychoanalysis and its status as a mainly expensive and exclusive profession.


22.02.18 – Sorcery & Trance

Matt Lee is a philosopher and a sorcerer. He has taught at the University of Greenwich and at the Free University of Brighton and has published widely, mainly on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. He practices sorcery on a regular basis, sometimes in group-work as well as on his own, or with his

partner. In his solitary practice, he has been following a loosely Sabbatic practice for over a decade. Matt is also a member of a political activist group called Plan C.

Chris Oakley has been a psychoanalyst, supervisor and teacher for over 45 years. He is a founder member of the SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and former member of the Philadelphia Association, where he worked with R D Laing. He is the author of Football Delirium.


Tickets: £10 per event or £25 for all three, with reduced price tickets available for students and the unwaged.

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