March 10, 2018

Cornwall Workshop: In the Aftermath of a Suicide

The enigma of suicide creates a devastating rupture in the lives of those who had a relationship with the person who has died.  The ‘afterwardsness’ of the fall-out for therapists when there is a suicide in their clinic is myriad. How do we speak in a place of the enigmatic?  Is there a place to speak in the private and public spaces of our lives? 

February 24, 2018

Cornwall Workshop: Working with Dreams

How can we decide what meaning a dream should be ascribed? What ideas can we lean on to guide our understanding and handling of dreams? Do we try to interpret them, or do we leave the patient room to make their own associations? The clinical setting is a space where dreams can be explored, and this workshop will focus on the place of dreams within that encounter.

January 18, 2018 - February 22, 2018


How did the past produce psychoanalysis? How do psychoanalytic institutions co-produce the present? How will psychoanalysts help to construct the future?

January 12, 2018–February 16, 2018

Cinematic representations of mental illness: six-week evening course

In this 6-part lecture series, a selection of films portraying psychiatric diagnoses will be explored, with information provided on the emergence and development of distinct clinical categories featuring anxiety, depression, psychosis, amnesia, addiction and sociopathy. In addition to in-depth content analysis of visual material, there will be a platform to discuss the role of moving image culture in shaping public perception and social attitudes in relation to psychological distress.

January 27, 2018

Workshop: Improv for Therapists – SOLD OUT

Improvisation is an art form based on listening, being in the present, and building a narrative, usually with one partner. The stage is most often empty, except for a few chairs. All you have to work with are your body and feelings, your intelligence and your experience. Sound familiar?

June 3, 2017

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