How useful are Freud and Lacan’s ideas in the clinic? Part 3

The Clinical SITE is presenting a series of three interconnected workshops, facilitated by Philip Hill. This introductory series will explore how a Freudian or Lacanian approach differs from others, and will review different and popular clinical techniques and theories in widespread use today, including those of Jung and Klein, and their clinical consequences.

These radically different approaches to clinical work will be compared, looking in particular at their views of diagnosis, interpretation, working with transference and boundaries or limits.

Participants are asked to bring clinical material to share, including direct quotations from clients’ speech. The workshops assume no prior knowledge.

Workshop 3: Saturday 4th November

Diagnosis in and out of the Lacanian clinic, working with psychosis

Does diagnosis make a difference to technique and why is it important?

How can you tell if your patient is psychotic? Are behavioural indicators or references to ‘reality’ or ‘fantasy’ reliable or consistent criteria?

Are we all psychotic?  Or are we simply either neurotic, or psychotic? We will explore the positions of Klein, Freud and Lacan.

Can psychosis be understood as part of the terrible price paid for ordinary neurosis?

How might the feminine sexuality of a mother act as a precaution against her child becoming psychotic?