If you have concerns about the conduct of any Site member you are welcome to contact the Site Chair on a confidential basis. We can advise you on the courses of action available to you and the role we can play in resolving your concerns.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a Site member who is registered with the UKCP you can find details of that process here:

Site members who are not registered with the UKCP may be qualified through other professional bodies who can hear complaints.

The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis receives complaints from members of the public who are:
a) A client who is concerned about their existing or historic therapy or analysis with a Site member or trainee.
b) A colleague, or health professional, or other who is concerned about an aspect of the work of a Site member or trainee.

Please note: The Site offers a space for you to raise initial concerns, think about the best way forward, and to consider whether you wish to make formal complaint. All complaints will be treated seriously. Our initial conversations with you are confidential – your identity will be protected and any individual you raise concerns about will not be notified. There are certain legal and ethical limits to confidentiality, such as when someone is at significant risk of serious harm. If you have concerns about confidentiality, you are welcome to discuss them with us at any stage of your enquiry.

Should you wish to purse a complaint under the relevant Site ethics code, we can advise you of the various routes that may be available to you, including informal resolution, mediation and formal adjudication. We can advise you in advance as to which stage of a formal complaint process would require disclosure of your complaint to the individual you are concerned about. That disclosure would only take place with your written consent.

The Site regards any detrimental or retaliatory conduct suffered by anyone as a result of raising ethical concerns or complaints as unacceptable, and will take action accordingly.

To discuss or make a complaint please contact: 

The chair of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis Nick Blackburn

Click here to view a pdf copy of The Site’s Clinical Complaints Procedure, pertaining to how members carry out their clinical work with patients.  

Click here to view a pdf copy of The Site Organisational Code of Conduct & Grievance Procedure, pertaining to how members act towards each other.

The Site is committed to taking all complaints seriously however we occasionally receive complaints that are vexatious in nature that can cause substantial disruption to our organisation and take up a disproportionate cost and time to handle. Click here to view The Site’s vexatious complaints policy.


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