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Haya Oakley

020 7722 1628

For over 40 years I have been working with individuals and couples who experience the full range of human emotions and suffering.
People come with ordinary misery, work, sex and relationship problems, as well as severe mental illness.
Some may look for short term crisis interventions, others for a long term exploration of what has led to the current difficulties; others still may wish to experience analysis or therapy in order to improve the quality of their lives or for training purposes.
Together we explore the long term underlying issues which contribute to current symptoms taking into account the social, cultural, sexual and psychological aspects of each individual's way of being in the world.
As well as my private practice I have been involved in teaching, supervising and analysing students in various schools of therapy. I am a professional member of:
The Guild of Psychotherapists
The Site for contemporary psychoanalysis
The College of psychoanalysts UK
Honorary Fellow of UKCP