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Andrew Bryant

07917 860 869

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in Truro, Cornwall. I offer a secure space to discuss whatever is on your mind, an opportunity to speak confidentially about things you may not feel able to share elsewhere.

Because each person is different I have a different approach for everyone. I don't pathologise sexual preferences, orientations and practices, neither do I hold normative or reductive gender views. I am sensitive to the complex issues surrounding religion, race and ethnicity.

I have a particular interest in working with people who are struggling with the confusions and conflicting demands of contemporary life.

I am always pleased to talk or meet with those considering beginning therapy. To arrange a meeting you can email or phone me.In the first instance I offer a consultation where we can discuss and explore what has led you to contact a therapist.

The length of time people attend is very variable. Some people decide to come for a few sessions to address something specific. Some come for longer and some people decide that they will commit to a longer process, because the solutions to the issues that they wish to address may take more time to unfold. You can decide this from the outset or as we go along.

My full fee is £50, but I operate a sliding scale for those who need to negotiate the amount. This is discussed at the initial consultation.

Please visit my website for more information, practice address and background.

Andrew Bryant