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The SITE for Contemporary Psychoanalysis is a training organisation and a member of the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College (CPJA)  of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). All graduates are eligible for UKCP registration.

The Site was established in October 1997 by psychotherapists from diverse psychoanalytic organisations who wished to create a training programme and an association that would foster critical, reflective and imaginative thinking about psychoanalysis and its contemporary practices.

In 2010 the Site set up a sister training in Truro, Cornwall.  This is now a well established part of the Site, with a successful training, an Introductory course and annual public events.

A Journal of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

No 12: Summer 2016

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Kirsty Hall who died in May 2015, with papers from her friends and colleagues – Dany Nobus, Paul Verhaeghe, Werner Prall, Haya Oakley, Val Parks, Anne-Lise Stern. Reviews from Barbara Cawdron, Robert Weiss and Nic Bayley.

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Summer 2016


7th October 2017

How useful are Freud and Lacan’s ideas in the clinic? Part 1

A series of three interconnected workshops, facilitated by Philip Hill. This introductory series will explore how a Freudian or Lacanian approach differs from others, and will review different and popular clinical techniques and theories in widespread use today, including those of Jung and Klein, and their clinical consequences.

October 13, 2017

Talk: Mary Wild on David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive

In this lecture, Mary Wild will deconstruct and interpret this unforgettable cinematic riddle from a psychoanalytic perspective, the central thesis being that a psychogenic fugue follows the unconscious trauma of unrequited love in the context of the Hollywood film industry.

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February 20, 2017

OPEN EVENING: Introduction to Psychoanalysis course—London

The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis is pleased to announce their new introduction to Psychoanalysis course: Why Psychoanalysis?   A year of seminars with an experiential group, intended to p...
January 31, 2017

Exciting lineup of events planned for Conference Fringe 2017

The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Transgender, Gender and Psychoanalysis Conference Fringe, 2017 is proud to present a programme of artistic events, March 5th-15th, to celebrate the Transgend...
November 30, 2016

2017 Cornwall Winter Workshops announced

The Site is very pleased to offer another series of psychotherapy workshops that will be running in Truro in 2017. The workshops will show how contemporary psychoanalysis can bring a richer understand...